In 2020 Indie Arena Booth goes fully digital! I did the art direction, designed the overall look and art tech of the world and drew over 1280 editor assets with my colleague.

Indie Arena Booth has never been about the physical place but about the mindset – we are all united in our belief that ambitious indie games make the world a better place. And with Indie Arena Booth Online, the world’s largest indie games showcase goes from 1.500 square meters in 2019 to mind mind blowing 100,000 square meters in 2020! With the fully self-developed multiplayer online game every visitor can discover 185 games from 53 countries. As Indie Arena Booth Online is browser-based, there is no need to download or install anything. Just click and play!

Every participating developer and publisher will be able to build their own booth thanks to an innovative and intuitive WYSIWYG booth editor by Super Crowd Entertainment. This will create a colourful and multi-faceted gaming world that is in no way inferior to the diversity and creative range of the physical Indie Arena Booth.

You can play it HERE:

Skills: Games, Illustration
Client: Supercrowd