A science fiction adventure by Benjamin Maack adapted into a 5 part animated webcomic podcast by Sebastian Stamm.

Somewhere in space. Five astronauts travel through space on board the spaceship IKARIA. The crew is topographing stars, developing experiments and spending their time playing video games. Why or where are they going? Somehow no one has been asking this question for a long time. Then an accident happens and sets off a series of disturbing events. Is there a sixth creature hiding on the ship? Is the crew real? What does “real” mean? And does it even matter? A science fiction adventure, nightmare and disturbing parable about the limits of humanity – and the secrets behind them.

„Blaues Wunder“
Süddeutsche Zeichnung

„Hört sich nicht nur spannend an, sondern sieht dank Comiczeichner Sebastian Stamm auch
gut aus“ SPIEGEL Online

„Das weltweit erste Stück seiner Art – ein außergewöhnlicher Videopodcast“
Hamburger Abendblatt

„Anfangs ein Science-Fiction-Abenteuer und dann eine philosophische Abhandlung“
PAGE Online

Awarded with the Special Commendation of the Prix Europe Potsdam 2018.


Robots and Dragons (German)

Spiegel ONLINE (German)

Hamburger Abendblatt (German)

You can also find all 6 episodes on NDR and ARD

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Skills: Comic, Games, Illustration